October 9, 2023
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Kali Healthcare Secures $1 Million in Funding

University of Melbourne, LaunchVic's Alice Anderson Fund and private investors back Dr. Fiona Brownfoot's pregnancy monitoring startup Kali Healthcare.
Kali Healthcare Secures $1 Million in Funding
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November 15, 2023

We extend our hearty congratulations to Dr. Fiona Brownfoot and Kali Healthcare for securing their $1 million pre-seed funding round. This massive achievement was made possible through the support of the University of Melbourne, LaunchVic's Alice Anderson Fund, and a group of private investors. This financial backing is a testament to the promising vision and dedication behind Kali Healthcare.

Kali Healthcare's mission is to revolutionise pregnancy monitoring by developing a wearable device and digital health platform. This innovative solution aims to enhance the accessibility and ease of monitoring services for women. Their wearable device facilitates the monitoring of the baby's heart rate while allowing patients to move freely. The collected data is transmitted during telehealth consultations, eliminating the need for frequent in-person visits. This technology is not only beneficial for women living far from hospitals or clinics but also for those on bed rest during their pregnancy.

Empowering Women with Advanced Technology

Kali Healthcare's commitment to developing a product designed specifically for pregnant individuals is noteworthy. Traditional ultrasound technology, introduced in the 1960s, has seen limited innovation, often neglecting the comfort and experience of the person being monitored. 

In the last trimester of pregnancy, frequent monitoring is essential and often requires multiple visits to healthcare facilities, which can be both exhausting and risky if appointments are missed. Kali Healthcare's innovative approach incorporates remote monitoring, enabling patients to use the device at home with sensor patches. The collected information is sent directly to their healthcare providers, freeing up valuable time and reducing the burden on patients.

A Vision for Inclusivity and Accessibility

Kali Healthcare's ambitions extend beyond innovation alone. Their goal is to make pregnancy care accessible to women in remote and disadvantaged communities, ensuring that all women have access to the same level of care provided in metropolitan areas. The company's commitment to inclusivity and improved healthcare access is a testament to their dedication to making a difference in women's lives.

As they continue their journey, Kali Healthcare aims to conduct their first regulatory clinical trial in early 2024, with a submission to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for regulatory approval. This ambitious timeline brings us one step closer to bringing this groundbreaking technology to market and enhancing the lives of women across Australia and beyond.

Dr. Fiona Brownfoot and Kali Healthcare's remarkable achievements exemplify the potential of healthcare innovators within the ecosystem that AUSCEP is a part of. We eagerly anticipate the positive impact their work will have on the field of pregnancy monitoring and women's healthcare.

Learn more about Kali Healthcare here: https://www.kalihealthcare.com/
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